HVAC Contractors: Installing, Maintaining, and Repairing HVAC Equipment

HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It serves all three functions at once and works by regulating the temperature and humidity in a building. The heating and cooling process begins when a thermostat sends a signal to the coils, which turn in an air-heating direction. After the air is heated, a ventilator blows it out and a cycle starts over again to keep the room at the proper temperature.

The HVAC process is an important aspect of your home comfort. It allows you to control the air temperature and humidity in the space, thereby reducing energy use and maintaining a comfortable atmosphere. You can do simple tasks like changing your air filters yourself, but if you need to install a new heating and cooling system, it is best to hire a professional. Licensed HVAC contractors are skilled at installing, maintaining, and repairing various types of HVAC equipment.

HVAC systems can be divided by the processes they need to perform. Each process can be categorized according to the refrigerant. Generally, each type of system includes the following: the heating and cooling process, the ventilation process, the humidification process, and the dehumidification process. Each of these components requires its own distribution system, which can vary depending on the refrigerant. Water pipes or air handling equipment are used as air ducts. If you are in need of a HVAC system contact Brothers Supply Corporation today.